Militaria webshops:


Jeroen has a website that offers everything a collector can collect. If you are looking for German uniforms, Russian equipment or any other original items from World War Two, this is the place to be!



Erwin and Bas offer all kinds of original German World War Two items. Everything from Equipment to uniforms and documents can be found here to add to your collection!


Clercq Militaria

Clercq Militaria offers a wide variety of original items from World War Two to add to your collection. Matthijs also owns the website where he documents the Dutch identity card of World War Two.


Tiger Militaria

Please visit this website of my friend Paulus, he has a wide range of WW2 military artifacts and collectibles, mainly British, American and German uniforms and equipment.


Vos Militaria

At Vos militaria you can find a wide range of medals and other original pieces from the Second World War. With expertise and an eye for quality and originality, you have come to the right place for a new addition to your collection!


Marvin's Military

Marvin's Military is a website that offers all kinds of original equipment, helmets and uniforms of the British, American and German military from World War Two.