Leaflet Afganistan 1960's


Leaflet from Afganistan from around the 1960's. We think this is a Soviet leaflet for the Afgan inhabitants. We have tried to translate it, but it is not very accurate.

''The quantity of noble residents of Afghan villages and cities is d. In the announcement of the fire, The Bergens government will carefully observe its obligations. After most people , there are three natras north of the country. But the people's peace and teeth will smoke and shoot in the houses and villages.
In the form of repetition, the armed forces will strike the rhine-arshi ybara foy , in which case you will simultaneously.
God's will will will be torn apart in the country, but the curse will be on those who act against the national disrespect''


Afgaans pamflet van rond de jaren 60, vermoedelijk Sovjet. Vermoedelijke vertaling bovenstaand.

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