Original WW2 German Leaflet - One Pound note Arabic, North Egypt (1942)

Item number: 0011451

Original WW2 German Leaflet - One Pound note Arabic, North Egypt (1942)

German Leaflet of a British One Pound note with Arabic text on the backside. The Luftwaffe dropped these notes across the north of Egypt by Cairo, Alexandria and El Alamein in the end of 1942. 

Very damaged on the folds.

The translation in Arabic says the following:

“Signs of Disintegration.
If you think about this paper money, you will remember the time when your wages were paid in many, many times its weight in glittering, attractive gold. That was because at that time such notes were supported by the strength and riches of a great and proud Empire.But that greatness is fading as is the value of this worthless paper (note). What is this note worth today? You doubtless know the answer to that. With each passing day of this English-inspired war, the strength of the English (sic) Empire is depleted, and each battle which England loses cause a further weakening of British currency. The day draws near when those who foresee the approach of disaster to the English pound will give but a fraction of its face value in return for it. Truly, Allah wills the collapse of Britain, which will, therefore come about…”

Origineel WO2 Duits pamflet - One Pound biljet Arabisch, Noord Egypte (1942)

Duits pamflet van een Britse 1 Pond biljet met Arabische tekst achterop. De Luftwaffe heeft dit biljet uitgegooid boven noord Egypte bij de volgende steden; Cairo, Alexandria en El Alamein.

Zwaar beschadigd op de vouwen.